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Winter 2023 Auditions

On That Note is excited to audition Sopranos, Mezzos, and Vocal Percussion/Beatboxers this Winter quarter!
Please read the following important information regarding Winter auditions:

Initial auditions will be held virtually via video submission. Submissions open Jan 6th and close Jan 16th at 11:59PM.


Please include the following in your video:

1. Introduce yourself

  • Name, hometown, major if known, and if you are auditioning for other groups

  • The title and artist of the song you will sing

2. Vocal Warmup/Range Exercises

  • Sing the following hyperlinked vocal warm-up exercises (play the tracks from a device and sing along, this part is not a cappella):

  • This is to help us hear your range and where you would fit best within OTN. Don’t worry if it is too high or low at a certain point, just do your best, and drop out when you are no longer able to sing comfortably!

3. Sing 30 seconds - 1 min of any song you choose a cappella

  • You’re welcome to play a starting note or chord if desired, but do not sing with accompaniment (no instruments, backing tracks, etc.)

  • When selecting a song, pick something that shows off your range, talent, and voice!

4. Vocal Percussion

  • If you are auditioning for vocal percussion, submit a segment beatboxing to one of our songs where we can hear you keep tempo. Include anything else you want to show off.

  • NOTE: We want to hear you keep tempo, so the beginning does not have to be crazy fancy!! But feel free to embellish later in your solo :)

​5. Submission

  • When you are ready, submit via this SUBMISSION FORM during the audition submission window.

  • Please attach a link to your videos via YouTube or Drive and include your name in the file name.

  • FORMAT: Please make the video accessible via a link (for example, uploading as unlisted on YouTube, sharing a link to a google drive, dropbox, or any other linked format. If you are unable to upload a link, there will be a section where you may directly upload your files. Ensure privacy settings allow us to watch your video. If we cannot access it, we will notify you and work it out - your audition will not be overlooked.

In the event that you receive a callback you will be notified by Jan 17th at 10PM.
Thank you again for your interest in auditioning for On That Note, we can’t wait to meet you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or accommodations at, we are happy to help!

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